credit Julie Fabiszak

Tony Richards is a Chicago based guitarist, writer and arranger born in New York City. Tony, having been raised by opera singers, began teaching himself guitar at the age of 11. Early on, he listened to classical music, jazz and the pop music of the sixties. Later on, he started to be influenced by progressive artists of the early seventies. As a teen he was fortunate to see live performances by Thelonius Monk, Vladimir Horowitz and Andrés Segovia.

Tony regularly performs with his Trio, and in 2017, released a live album of his own compositions. Recently, Tony has played with fine artists such as: drummer Larry Beers and bassist Rafe Bradford in the Tony Richards Trio, bassist Joe Policastro as a duo at Pro Musica Concert Series, singers Rachel Drew, Phil Angotti, Anna Fermin and Patrick Gemkow, classical pianist Paul Hamilton (in the film score for Koentopp), jazz guitarists Andy Brown, Roddy Ellias and Matt Warnock, and guitarist/record producer Jay O’Rourke.

Tony has a melodic approach to jazz which utilizes his finger-style technique.  His original compositions encompass a wide variety of styles across the jazz spectrum.  In addition to his own music, his repertoire includes the great composers: Thelonius Monk, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Antônio Carlos Jobim, Jerome Kern and Johnny Mandel, and others. Tony has many musical influences and is greatly inspired by Lenny Breau, Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans, Johnny Smith, Ben Webster, and many others!